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Primrose, merino nylon sock yarn

Primrose, merino nylon sock yarn

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Primroses are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring hence the name from the Latin word ‘primus’, meaning ‘first’. They symbolise youth, renewal and optimism. Greek mythology connect primroses with Aphrodite and the power to attract love, and in the Victorian era, giving someone a primrose was a sign of young love.

Native to Europe, primroses are members of the Primulaceae family. According to Scottish legend, should you wish to see a fairy then you must eat a primrose. Leaving primroses on your doorstep was thought to ensure fairies would bless your house, and putting primroses in a cowshed convinced them not to steal the milk.

Primrose nectar and pollen provides a key early food source for many species of bees and butterflies. They are able to grow in several different soil types and conditions, forming a part of multiple habitats, including meadows, woodlands, and wetlands. Having deep roots, primroses help stabilise soil, and their leaves slow down water runoff, reducing soil erosion.

A superwash treated sock weight yarn spun from 75% merino wool that’s soft and warm with 25% nylon for enhanced durability. Suitable for 2-3mm needles. Around 420 metres per 100g skein.

This yarn is presented as a skein. If you would like it caked then this adds 24h to the dispatch time. You can purchase this service here: