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31 Days of Yarn, bluefaced leicester nylon sock calendar

31 Days of Yarn, bluefaced leicester nylon sock calendar

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January is tough, it’s cold and endless. Contrary to the way it feels, however, it does not really have 6207 days, but actually only thirty one(!). With this new knowledge, perhaps you can see how this set of attractively individually wrapped miniskeins for use as a daily treat can make the seemingly longest month of the year more pleasant.... ?!?

Each colourful miniskein is a different colourway but all are my characteristic bright palette. The colours will appear “random” in order, so that you won’t be able to predict what the next day will bring. Put together, however, they could create a magnificent rainbow with approximately similar quantities of each colour grouping.

Most are new colourways; a few are rare discontinued favourites that folk have asked to see again. There are lots of speckles, splatters and some variegated styles. Unusually for Mothy and the Squid, there are even a very few tonals and semi solids, just for variety.

Every mini will be individually packaged in its own high quality burlap pouch that will be suitable for re-use to minimise waste. These pretty bags are great for storing notions, makeup or jewellery, or for your face mask when you’re not wearing it. They measure 13x18cm and will be a fun mix of colours. The tiny paper number tags and cardboard box can be recycled.

The miniskeins are superwash treated smooth 4ply sock weight yarn with 75% bluefaced leicester wool for softness and warmth and 25% nylon for strength and durability. It is suitable for approximately 2-3mm needles. About 84 metres per 20g mini, adding up to 2604 metres per 620g set.

I do not cake miniskeins.